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Verona, a Famous Travel Destination in Italy

Verona has become a famous travel destination in the Northern Italy because of the love story Romeo and Juliet. Each year, numerous travelers go to Verona to see the popular Juliet house.

You can take a bus and stop at the Arena station. The Arena is an ancient building from the Roman era. The building’s structure is similar to the Colosseum in Rome. No wonder many people say Verona is a ‘little Rome.’ This amazing building was used for gladiator battles. Today, it has become one of the largest amphitheaters in the world that still exist. From the Arena, heading to Casa di Giuletta (Juliet’s House), you will see a nice art piece which looks just like a golden Egyptian statue from the distance .

From the gate, you will find the famous Juliet balcony. The balcony was added to the house in 1936, but the house declared it was part of Juliet’s home. On the gate of Juliet house, there is some graffiti where visitors write love letters or words of praise for Romeo and Juliet. Many love letters were posted in the past with chewing gum on the house wall, but in 2008 the Italian government removed many of the love letters from the wall to make the house looks clean and beautiful when they renovated the house. The tradition of writing love words and letters to Juliet began in 1937. Since then, the Juliet House has received a thousand of letters around the world for Juliet.


Verona, a Famous Travel Destination in Italy

Tourists are allowed to go into the house to take pictures of the statue of Juliet. Many visitors also touch Juliet’s body. It is a tradition that visitors make their wishes while touching her body. No matter if they believe it or not, many couples and lovers do so. Close to the statue of Juliet, there are colorful padlocks locked with the names of the lovers who are coming from all over the world. With this locked padlock, people wish that their love will be locked forever.

To get more information about Verona, you can look at the city’s map below.




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