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How to Save Money When Traveling with Your Kids

Have you ever wanted to travel with your kids but didn’t have an enormous budget? Don’t worry. There are many money saving tips you can use to help you avoid breaking your budget.

Travel with your kids

Travel with your kids

Tip No.1 Set a budget for each kid’s spending. The key to saving money while traveling with kids is to enforce the budget. You have to have a clear plan for how much you want to spend during the entire trip. If your child is older, you can let your kids be involved in your savings plan. Especially when you have more than one kid, setting a budget about how much each of your kids can spend will significantly reduce your vacation expenses.

Tip No.2 Purchase gifts for your children before you leave your hometown. When you are traveling with your kids, you are likely to frequently hear from your children to buy gifts when they see things they love. Instead of watching your dollars fly away before your eyes, or squashing your children’s dreams, you can prepare your kids’ gifts before you leave your home. You can head to a discount store, look for big sales or buy items with coupons. Tuck the little trinkets inside your suitcase and pull them out when your child asks for little things. For example, if you plan to go to Disney, buy some Disney toys. Your kids will be as happy as larks.

Tip No. 3 Stock up on snacks and other items. Your child probably will want snacks outside of meals. Instead of buying expensive refreshments at the theme parks, pack your healthy snacks, plenty of drinking water and various delicious foods from the local supermarket. Don’t forget to get some supplies for cleaning up small messes. Also don’t forget to bring necessary blankets and clothing from home for your kids and the adults. However, if you plan to travel by airplane, you can usually only take one carryon bag per passenger for free.  An extra piece of luggage could cost you additional $50 to $100. So pack only essential clothing, since spending a few dollars on laundry is usually less expensive than the airline’s checked luggage fee. Many airlines now also avoid providing meals. Beside your carryon bag, you can pack your sandwich  into a plastic  bag and bring it with you when boarding to avoid eating at the airport.

travel-with your kid

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Tip No.4 Avoid unnecessary stops at a store. Every time you make a stop at a store you’re opening the door to your children for the buying impulse. Your child may see something he loves and beg you to buy it. It is hard to resist your beloved kids’ desires, so the best thing you can do is to avoid unnecessary stops.

Tip No. 5 Avoid eating at a table service restaurant. It’s understandable that your child may want to experience dining with his or her favorite character, but dining at counter service restaurants can save you quite a lot of money. You can explain to your kids that the money saved on dining can be used to do other fun things. You can also stop at a supermarket to pick out low-cost items for a picnic lunch.

Tip No. 6 Take a longer travel around school vacations. Depending on the country you are living in, most kids are out of school for six weeks to two months in the summer time, and also usually have two to four weeks of vacation time during winter break. That’s the best time to take your long-term vacation with your kids. The daily cost of a long and slow travel is usually much cheaper than a shorter one because a longer stay allows you to find a bargain price for hotel and rental cars more easily. You can also have time to take a train or bus instead of using expensive flight and taxis to fit your tight time schedule. You will also have enough time to use a citypass

Tip No.7 Look for information from other sources. Our website has published several articles about money saving tips for your travel. You can also get some cost saving ideas from websites dedicated to family travel, such as familyvacationcritic.com.

By doing all of the above, you’ll be amazed by how much you will save when traveling with your kids.

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