Travel Service Submission Guidelines

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1. Register your account. If you already registered your account for article submission, you don’t need to register a new account.

2.If you also plan to submit your articles, you can fill out your information in your profile, including your name, bio, the website URL and the description, upload your photo to be associated with your author name. Otherwise, you can leave it blank.

Travel Service Submission Guidelines

1. Log in to your account.

2. Click “Directory.” You will see a bunch of options on the list. At the top of that, you will see “Add new listing.” Click that button. Please don’t change any other setting on your dashboard.
Travel Service Submission Guidelines

3.The site will direct you to a directory fill out form page. Please see below.
Travel Service Submission Guidelines

4. Copy your service description to the Business Description area. Please use unique ad description that you haven’t published on other place to ensure that Google index your page. – We may delete your ad page if it can’t be indexed by Google. Adjust the words to make it SEO friendly.

5. Fill out information about your service categories, your location, language, phone number, email address, service available time, etc. You can leave the summary area blank or fill it out with your words too. If you leave that area blank, it will use the first few sentences of your ad content for the excerpts.

6. If you add your website address on your business/service description area and/or fill your website address on the website address column, you must provide a link to our website on your site homepage or an inner page on the same website that has related unique content and a page rank of one or above. Indicate the page you have provided the link for our website.

7. Load 1-2 images if you have any, otherwise leave it untouched. (All images you submit must be owned by you. If we find you use an image you don’t have rights to use, your directory will be deleted and your username will be banned.)

8. Click the “submit” button.

9. Wait for our review and approval.


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