North America Historical and Tourist Landmark Sites in Los Angeles

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Historical and Tourist Landmark Sites in Los Angeles

Los Angeles,  the hot spot of travelers, is famous for its suitable weather, and historical and tourist landmark sites. The region is a home to businessmen, entertainers and world explorers. Each place within the region has some historical importance, and bears monuments and architecture, recognized by the world historical gazettes.

A few venues worth a visit are:

Grauman’s Chinese Theatre is located at 6925 Hollywood Boulevard in Hollywood, it is a movie theater on the list of Hollywood Walk of Fame. The most distinct feature, the place has earned a name for is that the concrete blocks set in the forecourt bear the signatures, handprints and footprints of famous movie artists of the 1920s to the present day. It took eighteen months to build the site and was opened to public in 1922, ever since, it has been a home to premier movies like The King of Kings and The Star Wars. The venue hosts events like birthday parties, corporate gathering and Academy Awards ceremonies.

Historical and Tourist Landmark Sites in Los Angeles

Grauman’s Chinese Theatre ©Wayne Hsieh from Flickr

El Pueblo de Los Angeles Historic Park is also called The Los Angeles Plaza Historic District; it is situated in one of the oldest areas of Los Angeles. The park displays statues of Carlos III of Spain, Father Serra, Felipe de Neve, and The Bell of Dolores.

The Olvera Street is a part of El Pueblo de Los Angeles. There are 27 historic buildings lining Olvera Street that include museums, the bazaar, winery, hall, theater, plaza station and shops. A part of the street boasts of the Mexican bazaar and eateries; the place also holds a number of cultural shows and festivals.

Historical and Tourist Landmark Sites in Los Angeles

Olvera Street is a historic shopping district that marked the earliest settlement of Los Angeles. The picture shows La Golondrina Cafe, the anchor restaurant of Olvera Street, ©Chris from Flickr

The museums of El Pueblo de Los Angeles, worth a visit are, the Avila Adobe, Chinese American Museum, Plaza Firehouse Museum, Sepulveda House, and the Italian American Museum.

Chinatown in Los Angeles is found in the city’s downtown, was built in the year 1938 and is the second chinatown to be constructed in the city. The first one was where the Union Station now stands; downtown Los Angeles is not the only place in California that boasts of Chinatown, there is one in San Francisco and one in Oakland in CA, as well.

Historical and Tourist Landmark Sites in Los Angeles

Old Chinatown in LA

The Civic Center in Los Angeles is the administrative hub of the City of Los Angeles and comprises of city, state, and federal government offices, buildings, and courthouses.

Los Angeles Union Station, was opened in May 1939, and became famous as Last of the Great Railway Stations. The building is amazing and offers rail service by Amrak, Metrolink and L.A. Metro Station.

Historical and Tourist Landmark Sites in Los Angeles

The former ticketing lobby at Los Angeles Union Station. Now, this area is used only for banquets, special occasions, and movie shoots. ©Kla4067

The Capitol Records Building, also called Capitol Records Tower, and Hollywood Boulevard Commercial and Entertainment District, is located in Hollywood, Los Angeles. It is a home to recording studios and echo chambers of Capitol Studios. The structure was completed in April 1956, and is one of the city’s notable architectures.

Bunker Hill holds historic prominence; originally it separated the downtown area of Los Angeles, from western side of the city. In the late 20th century the elevation of the hill was lowered and the area was developed; it now boasts of modern high-rises and other architectural structures for residences, business, entertainment and education. The Cathedral of Our Lady of the Angels is also present here.

Cathedral of Our Lady of the Angels

The Cathedral of Our Lady of the Angels

Little Tokyo, the Little Tokyo Historic District, is an ethnic centre for Japanese Americans; it was founded in the beginning of the 20th century and is also popular by the name of J-Town. The site was declared as a National Historic Landmark District in 1995. Two other Japanese American centers by the same name are located in San Francisco and San Jose.

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