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Top Must-see Tourist Attractions in Arkansas

People who do not know much about Arkansas usually wonder what fun activity can be done there, and it is a valid question. Even people who have a little knowledge of the state may want to know which places are the best to see. The good thing is that this information is now available!Arkansas


There are indeed some really cool spots in Arkansas which should be considered “shouldn’t-miss-sites.” The Natural State (Arkansas) has several places where the eager tourist can gorge on beautiful landmarks for days!


1.         The Arkansas Air and Military Museum:

Lovers of aircraft will find this a welcome development, seeing vintage aircraft on display. You can find pre-war racing planes, fighter planes and a gift shop for souvenirs.


2.         Buffalo National RiverOverlooking the Buffalo River

This is the first national river in the country, and it is about 150 miles in length. Boating enthusiasts will appreciate this, and take advantage of the freedom to engage in white-water rafting. The Buffalo National River is one of the most popular waterways of Arkansas, and it has a beautiful scenic view surrounding it. It is definitely something to check out if you are ever in Arkansas for pleasure.


3.         Ozark Folk Center State Park

This is the only place in the whole of America dedicated to preserving the legends of the southern mountains and its music. The Ozark Folk Center State Park is a dynamic museum, containing relics showing the early skills of the mountain folks, including their early handiwork in furniture, arts and various other crafts. You can also enjoy a thrilling concert in the park – in their one thousand-seater hall – with music and stories regaling the American past and its heritage. There are also accommodation provisions, food and a gift shop for tourists’ needs.


4.         The Arkansas Arts Center

This neat structure can be found in the MacArthur Park of Little Rock. This arts center is a high-grade structure famous both locally and internationally. It has quite a lavish and exquisite collection, comprising of paintings and drawings dating as far back as the Renaissance era, right up to modern times. Definitely worth checking out if you are an art enthusiast.


5.         The Arkansas Inland Maritime Museum

There are two interesting sights you would see at this museum. The first is the USS Razorback, a submarine more than 300-feet long that was given at Tokyo bay when the Peace Treaty which ended World War II was signed. Another sight at the museum is the Arkansas Queen, a cruise ship. There is also a dinner riverboat as part of the museum’s ‘stock.’


As far as sights in Arkansas go, this is barely scratching the surface. The Natural City is virtually bursting with hot-spots and tourist attractions. The potential visitor is likely to get dizzy from all the choices! If you are a Southerner at heart, this is a bonus! It has all the works – mountain music and the quaint villages that just make our hearts sing.

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