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Top Seven Family Spots in New York City

Are you in New York City with the kids for the first time? Are you looking for really exciting spots to check out with your children? Places where the little ones can have fun and still get to learn one or two things? Well, you can rest assured that New York City is well endowed with such amazing places that will surely put that spark and smile on the faces of your children. Even as adults, these places also present an exciting thrill, not to mention an educational opportunity. On this note, here are some of the top places to visit in New York City as a family.

Central Park: A true central spot for everyone. Central Park presents a bee hive of fun activities for everyone, both children and adult. There is always something to do at Central Park, a relaxation spot for all kinds of activities, from bike riding to ice skating, which is quite popular during winter seasons. During the summer, families can go boat riding, and the kids can have fun at the playground. There is also the wildlife centre where you can see lots of animals, the children’s zoo for the little ones to take a go at petting little animals, the Harlem Meer for understanding a thriving aquatic ecosystem, and Belvedere Castle  for aspiring future meteorologists

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The American Museum of American History: The museum is not just another fun place for the family, it is also an educational spot for families, both for the children and the adults. At the museum, one is availed with the opportunity to learn about American History, as well as world scientific breakthroughs through image presentations, exhibitions, be it sculptural or documented, etc. The experience at the museum is thrilling and unforgettable.

The Wonderland F.A.O. Sharwz: The wonderland F.A.O. Sharwz is one sure place that will always keep the children asking for more. Right from the very beginning, the amazement begins. A gigantic clock, huge toy soldiers, and royal princes and princesses welcome you. There are life sized toys and an uncountable selection of dolls and toys for the children to play with. There is even a particular giant sized grand piano, inspired by Tom Hanks from the movie Big, for kids to have fun with. The wonders found at the wonderland are so thrilling, and even as an adult, you will be moved to want to stay and indulge yourself. You can be assured that this is one place you will never regret bringing the whole family to, just to have that special family time.

The Sony Wonder Technology Lab: The Sony Wonder Technology Lab is a place where the children can have a hands-on, fun experience. It is a unique educational spot for the kids where they are given the liberty to explore and expound their creative minds. The wonder lab consists of four floors where there are lots of interactive tech presentations for the children to have fun with, all for free. At the lab, there is never a boring moment for the kids or for the adults. You would be surprised at how long you would spend at the lab just checking out one thing or the other. Some of the features include amazing robots the kids can interact with; a sound lab that will be sure to keep you engaged for hours; there is the time travel compartment, where children and even adults are given the experience of what it would feel like to go back in time; there is also the virtual reality compartment where you all can take special trips into the virtual world and even outer space. The kids also have the opportunity to engage in personal activities where they can make cool things for themselves; this particular session is called the family workshop session. A wonderful thrill indeed.

The New York Hall of Science: The New York Hall of Science, located on Flushing Meadow-Corona Park, is New York’s only hands-on science and technology centre[KMR1] . The museum features a 300-seat auditorium, a 16-screen video wall, a fantastic lunchroom area, and a Technology Gallery. The over 400 hands-on exhibits offer kids an abundant selection of interactive events designed to spark children’s interest in math, biology, chemistry, and physics. Its famous outdoor rockets were donated by NASA. There is always a variety of interesting events taking place Another interesting exhibition, this one for preschool kids, is the Preschool Puppet Show.

Children’s Museum of Manhattan: Children’s Museum of Manhattan, founded in 1973, is oriented toward improving children’s art, literature and science abilities in all age groups. The five-floor building holds exhibits, programs and events year round and is a great destination for young children and their parents. There is also an outdoor water area for children playing in the summer. Other interesting things are the Andy Warhol exhibit at the Children’s Museum of Manhattan, which is devised to inspire and introduce children to the world of art, and the exhibition of “Alice’s Wonderland,” which displays optical illusions and puzzles to be tackled in The Hall of Mirrors, along with different fluids at The Mad Hatter’s Tea Party. Young kids can also have fun “spelling her name with rubber duckies” or “driving an animal rescue van.”

Bronx Zoo: If you are in New York City for vacation with your kids, be sure to add the Bronx Zoo to your vacation itinerary. Founded in 1899, the 265-acre Bronx Zoo is the largest animal park in a metropolitan area in the United States and home to more than 4,000 animals representing about 650 species. When planning a visit to the zoo with your kids, reserve the entire day, because it’s huge. The minute you walk into the zoo, you will immediately forget the busy city, so enjoy the quiet and beauty of the zoo. The visit will surely creates memories that kids will be talking about months and years later.

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