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Seven Brazilian Beaches that You Should Not Miss

With a coastline that stretches 7,500 km (4,650 miles), Brazil has no shortage of beaches to explore. From lively urban beaches full of activities to remote and secluded beaches embraced with peaceful and relaxing feelings, Brazil is among the countries that have the most stunning beaches in the world. Let us take a look at the top seven Brazilian beaches that should not be missed on your visit to Brazil.

Calçadão_de_Copacabana1. Copacabana – Rio de Janeiro

Copacabana is the liveliest beach in Rio de Janeiro. The 4 km beach and its tree-lined boardwalk are sprinkled with tons of hotels, restaurants, bars and night clubs where all the wonderful activities take place, leaving no doubt why people believe it is the most famous beach in Brazil.

2. Ipanema – Rio de Janeiro

Adjacent to Copacabana is Rio’s other famed beaches. Ipanema Beach is often considered the sexiest beach in Brazil and in the world, where you’ll find beautiful and sexy women wearing their Brazilian bikini lying on the sand and enjoying the sun.

Florianopolis-dunes3. Florianopolis

Florianopolis sits on a large island off the coast of the southern state Santa Catarina. Florianopolis has over 40 beaches. Among the best of these are the most popular beach, called Praia, which is surrounded by beautiful green mountains, an optional nude beach called Praia da Galheta, and a surfer beach called Praia do Campeche.

4. Cabo Frio – Rio de Janeiro

Cabo Frio, located about 150 km northeast of the city of Rio de Janeiro, is a historic town with 16th-century churches and forts. It is known for the white powdery sand of its beaches and dunes. On a sunny day, sun shimmers on the sparkling white sand, seabirds fly  low over the blue sea, and waves crash rhythmically on the shore.


Genipabu_RN5. Genipabu – Rio Grande do Norte, Brazil

Genipabu beach, also called  Jenipabu, is located just outside the city of Natal. It has a variety of large sand dunes and lagoons. Here you can go on dune buggy rides, ride a camel, do some sand surfing down the dunes, or just relax and swim on its beaches.

6. Praia de Pipa – Rio Grande do Norte, Brazil

With sand dunes, cliffs and a preserved area of Atlantic Rainforest, the small town of Praia de Pipa, located about 80 km south of the city of Natal,  is considered to have some of the most spectacular beaches in Brazil. The town has an active nightlife with bars, live music and restaurants and is also a great place to spot dolphins swimming in the nearby bay.

7. Jijoca de Jericoacoara – Ceara, Brazil

Jericoacoara, also called Jeri, is situated in an environmental protected area that features huge sand dunes, blue lagoons, coconut palm trees, and beautiful white sandy beaches. This isolated village is located about 300 km off the city of Fortaleza in the state of Ceara. It has become a great place to do windsurfing, kite surfing or sand boarding.



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