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Experiencing Rome: Pizzeria and Bar Hopping

As we all know, and as the world knows, Italy is best known for their pizza, pasta, and cappuccino. And in the center of Rome, you can find lots and lots of flavors to choose from, prices also ranging from local to international. Having stayed in Rome for quite some time, I have discovered for myself that when it comes to food not all cheap offers are bad, but not all expensive offers are of quality either. Some of the best quality tastes that I have garnered over the months are not from the center, and if from there, is located in a secluded area along some random quiet alley. If you want to take part in the best taste-experience of your life, then you should probably head to these places:

Rome: Pizzeria and Bar hopping

Sitting at a stool and drinking your afternoon coffee, ©mojansami

Cappuccino– never will you taste as fine a cappuccino than the ones in Italy. Whether in open bar restaurants where you can enjoy the view outside whilst having your morning coffee, or your average Italian bar where you can just stand, or sit at a stool and drink your afternoon coffee while having a conversation with someone– your cappuccino experience will never fail you. And Rome is home to the best cappuccinos your flavor-seeking taste buds will never get enough of. For only the price of 1 euro a cup, you get to have your cappuccino exploit.

The cappuccino that would always sate my coffee craze every Sunday morning is the cappuccino served in a bar in Via Vittoria   Colonna, named Antico Caffe, which is just right in front of the bus stop, and near the Arion Bookstore. It’s local, but it serves the best.

Pizza – The best pizza that I have eaten here in Rome, is the mushroom and cheese pizza of a pizzeria down an alley in Via del Corso. The place offers “Pizza, Pere e Gorgonzola” which translated means: “Pizza, Pears, and Gorgonzola”. Gorgonzola is the famous blue cheese of Europe. The pizzeria offers a pizza meal for only 6 euros, complete with a drink and fries. If you ask me, it’s all worth it, because you haven’t fully experienced Rome until you try their famous sliced square pizzas, and the best comes from this tiny pizzeria in Via del Corso, next to the Star Shop Roma, down the corner of Lindt. For only a couple of euros you get to experience and taste the mouth-watering goodness of Rome. Only there’s a catch: time and time again you will crave and will want to have a bite of that pizza again. Don’t say I didn’t warn you.

Whether you’re in it for the taste experience, or just out of curiosity, rest assured that your visit to the food spots of Rome would not go in vain. There are places waiting to be found, exquisite food waiting to be tasted, and a whole new experience waiting to be discovered. So take a step outside of the hotel restaurant, go local, scurry some of the narrow alleys at daytime, and you might just inhale the different aromas of delicious cooked food, and have the chance to savor its unique and melting flavor in your mouth. At the end of your visit, what will remain with you are not only the pictures, but also the feeling coupled with the memories of that moment when you can actually feel Rome in the food, in the atmosphere, and in the places you go to.

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