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Prague – A City with Unique Tourist Attractions

Visiting Prague for the first time as a visitor or tourist can be exhilarating since there are many attractions and things you can do. As the largest city in the Czech Republic, as well as the capital city, Prague presents unique attractions that cannot be compared anywhere else. For the sake of enjoying your first visit to Prague, here are its top attractions.


La Degustation Boheme Bourgeoise– Restaurant, also known as the Degustation Boheme Bourgeoise, is certainly a great place for families. If you are a food lover, then you must visit this restaurant. It is a place where visitors always enjoy the amazing cuisine that the Czech people offer. You are bound to sample great delicacies like the home made noodles done in Czech style, smoked or preserved beef tongue, the very special Prague diced ham soup, the Bohemian carte du jour and so much more. Located on Hastalska 18 Street, the restaurant offers much more than just food, as visitors are also presented with interesting and entertaining programs that would definitely keep them coming over and over.

The Charles Bridge, also known as the Karluvmost Charles Bridge as the natives would prefer to call it, is definitely one attraction you would not want to miss. It is known to attract visitors from all over the world every year due to its appealing features. The bridge stands at a height of about 520 meters. It is one sure place that would definitely catch your eye, especially when you visit it in the afternoon. You would appreciate how beautiful the city of Prague is. Some of the other features that are worth mentioning are about 30 unique baroque statues you would normally find on religious art paintings.

Charles Bridge

The Communism Museum: If you want to learn about the history of Prague, I suggest you visit the Communism Museum. Formerly a place of terror and painful memories, the museum now helps Prague citizens to understand and appreciate themselves and learn why the bond in unity cannot be overemphasized. Within the museum are screens that feature the past events of the people of Czech Republic.

The Pretin Hill: This is a great place for the family, a place of relaxation and a little bit of entertainment. The hill features a wide green park where you would just want to lay back and relax. On the foot of the Pretin Hill, the 18th century edifice, a rail pulled by a rope will send you to the top of the hill. Immediately, a small sized Eiffel tower will catch your eyes. Then you can have a pleasant coffee and cake by the mini Eifel tower before ambling down the hill.

The Old Town Square: The town square brings back the feeling of renaissance with its distinctive buildings, which have not been touched since their erection in the 10th-century, even though the city prides itself in giving them regular maintenance.

In conclusion, there is always something for you to do in the city of Prague, and visitors, be they child or adult, will always have one or more attractions to enjoy and appreciate.

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