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New York City Subway and Bus System

New York City has a great subway and bus system. You can go anywhere in the five boroughs for just one fare! The MTA system also has express trains and buses, which can significantly cut the time spent on the trip.

New York Buses

The Basics

•Lettered lines (A-Z) run wider and larger trains, while numbered lines (1-9) run slightly narrower and shorter trains.
•A basic fare is $2.50 and includes a bus-subway, subway-bus, bus-bus transfer. The fare for an express bus ride is $6.00. Remember, buses do not give changes!
•Trains and buses are air-conditioned and many of the new buses offer excellent cooling, but majority of the subway stations are not air-conditioned.


Subway and Bus Fares

Pricing for the NYC transit system is very easy to understand. There are basically 2 options: pay-per-ride and unlimited. Unlike other systems where there are zones, NYC has no zones so you can ride from the tip of queens to the upper tip of the Bronx for one fare!

•$2.50 per ride, put (top-up) $5 or more on at one time, receive a 5% bonus. If you purchase a one-time ticket, it’s $2.75.
•Free transfer from subway to bus and bus to subway, also free transfer from local bus to local bus.

Unlimited MetroCard:
•7 day – $30
•30 days – $112
•7-Day Express Bus Plus MetroCard – $55
•JFK-AirTrain 30-Day Unlimited Ride – $40
•JFK-AirTrain 10-Trip – $25 , expired six months after first use.


  • The MTA charges a $1.00 “new card fee” for the purchase of a new MetroCard
  • Up to three children 44 inches tall and under ride for free on subways and local buses when accompanied by a fare paying adult.
  • You can add money  to a Pay-Per-Ride card and make it become an Unlimited-Ride card.

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