Travel Idea Three European Destinations for a fun Musical Experience

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Three European Destinations for a fun Musical Experience

There are quite a number of destinations around the world where one can enjoy top notch musical performances. Year in year out, young people all over the world go on musical trips, which could be from just a couple of days to as long as a few months. At the same time, most people who prepare for such musical trips usually have the problem of not knowing the right destination to have the most fun as well as a particular experience. This alone can be really frustrating or sometimes annoying especially if one has been looking forward to such a trip all year and has even made ample preparations. If you are thinking of going on a musical trip and the duration of your trip falls between 3 days to 6 days, this write up will provide you with three spots for a fantastic musical experience in Europe.


Three European destinations for a fun muscial experience

Cabaret © imelenchon

Berlin Cabaret – Germany:

In Berlin, performers organize a musical show known as the cabaret, some sort of story like music where the artists make jest of German politics and her politicians, the citizen and even themselves in an ironical manner. The cabaret began in the 20’s and has seen a lot of progression with young people following up on the musical shows. Recently a group of young people have come up with a modern cabaret known as the Kitkat club, where the music usually ends up with some sort of fetish frenzy. The Berlin cabaret normally begins on Fridays and runs through to Sundays.


Reading Festival – England:

This musical festival in Reading, England is a 3 days event where music lovers from all over the world especially lovers of alternative pop music, hiphop, rock and rap music gather together like pilgrims on tour for a musical experience of a lifetime. The event usually takes place in a mega field where people are forced to set up camps in order to have a personal experience. Using up to 10 million watt speakers and about six stages, visitors get to go through mind blowing experiences; fans get to bond with each other, adventures set in and so on. The fun part of it all is that the whole jamboree only lasts for just 3 days. The 2013 festival will take place over the weekend of 23–25 August.  In order to attend this exceptional event, you would have to wait for tickets which begins to sell out in March.


Three European Destinations for a fun muscial experience

Reading Festival 2013


Ibiza Clubs, Spain:

To most young people living in Europe and in North America, Ibiza Spain usually signifies the word “Party”. Located on the eastern coast of Spain, the Island presents an array of clubs and DJs where partying knows no end. People travel from all over the world just to  have a piece of what it means to party to the fullest in Ibiza Spain. It all started back in the 80’s when British DJs had the privilege of playing in frenzy driven clubs in Ibiza, and as they went back to the UK, they obviously carried along the tradition and even introduced hedonism into UK clubs, but in this case, the music focused on techno music and house music. Today, Ibizan clubs provide the height of clubbing fun with a huge amount of pleasure indulgence. So if you are thinking of an alternative musical experience, then Ibiza is a great option; Club Privilege, one of the biggest clubs on the Ibiza Island, 4km from Ibiza town and about 30 minutes from Ibiza harbor, offers such alternative for music lovers.

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