North America A Fun Trip to Las Vegas and Its Vicinity

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A Fun Trip to Las Vegas and Its Vicinity

Visiting Las Vegas, a city in the US state of Nevada, can be exhilarating for a first time visitor. The city itself symbolizes fun and is visited by millions of people from all over the world. Las Vegas, otherwise known as the entertainment capital of the world or sin city came into being in 1800 with travelers stopping by at the then little town of fun in the middle of the desert.

A Fun Trip to Las Vegas and Its Vicinity

As a first time visitor to the city, there are numerous things to consider. You need to know first of all that you will not be the only one visiting Las Vegas at the time, so the importance of being well prepared should not be overlooked. Also, you need to note that there will be a lot of sightseeing. So much so that you might get distracted. Remember, the best hotels in the world are saddled in Las Vegas, and this means that sleeping is not an option in this town, for the fun knows no end.

A Fun Trip to Las Vegas and Its Vicinity

A man is jumping from the 108th floor of the Stratosphere Tower in the north strip of Las Vegas

Casino spots in Las Vegas are like the heart beat of the city, making Las Vegas a city of endless fun and fulfillment. If you are visiting Las Vegas for the first time and you do not check out the casino spots even if you are not a gambler, then you have not yet arrived in the city. Every major hotel in the city houses a popular casino spot. Some of the prominent casinos to visit are Caesars Palace, Casino Royale (a cheap alternative for roulette players), Golden Nugget (famous for producing legendary poker players, and is popular for great water slides), etc. While you are wandering around those casino spots, you also experience the themed hotels of Vegas. Whether it is Ancient Rome at Caesars Palace, the modern Big Apple’s skyline at New York, New York, or the top of the Eiffel Tower at the Paris Hotel, you will be intrigued by the atmosphere. The feeling of being in such a place can be overwhelming, yet also unforgettable.

Las Vegas is also truly an entertainment planet. No other city can compete with the events, concerts and shows in Las Vegas. It appeals to every taste. You’ll find plenty of healthy amounts of spectacles, from a magic show with Mac King at Harrah’s to a popular free show at the Mirage’s erupting volcanoes, to a record-breaking skydive from the 108th floor of the Stratosphere Tower, etc. The list is enormous.

For those wanting to re-visit the city, or for first time visitors who don’t want to miss out on attractions in the city’s vicinity, Valley of Fire State Park, located 50 miles north of the city, is a must see. It’s just about an hour drive from the main city. The area of Valley of Fire, as the name implies, comprises of huge red rocks all geo-formed in a spectacular manner leaving a wonderful sight to the eyes. The park is open to visitors who enjoy hiking and camping at all times and attracts a lot of visitors every year with its fantastic vista. No wonder the sight was used in block buster movies like Star Trek and Total Recall. The scenery was absolutely perfect for the movie genre.

Black Canyon is another nearby spectacular attraction for tourists especially for families visiting the city. It’s a  great opportunity to visit the only dam in the city, which is known as the Hoover Dam. Guests can enjoy a relaxing trip on the Black Canyon waters with a raft all through to the willows beach. The panorama is pretty much enjoyed by all ages and one can see the majestic features of the dam.

A Fun Trip to Las Vegas and Its Vicinity

Hoover Dam

Planning a trip to Las Vegas requires some preparation. I would suggest early bookings as well as taking the time to check out the Las Vegas Convention Schedule. Also, look out for hotel room promotions to take advantage of sales promo and make your bookings online to avoid commissions usually charged to visitors when they make payments at the table or in person. By doing so, you will not miss out on opportunities to save some money. With all these put in place and all factors considered, you are sure to have a swell time like no other in the city of Las Vegas.

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