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Three Inexpensive Travel Alternatives for College Students during Summer

As a college student, one is expected to have some unique experiences before leaving school. These experiences can be very exhilarating and fulfilling. One of such experiences is gotten from travelling during vacations. When you get to college, your travelling experience becomes personal. You find yourself wanting to go places you would naturally not want to go as a child, you spend more time with friends for which you end up developing a common desire to take trips during vacations and not spend the whole holiday at home. Apart from travelling for the sake of your course study which may arise from time to time as you go through college, you might want to travel just for the fun of it. As a student, you would probably be thinking of several ways of saving money and this will also be applicable to your travelling budget which for most times will always be a tight one. This article will inform you on three inexpensive travel alternatives. You’ll have fun and still save money, all at the same time.


1.Get discounts with bus companies

For students who do not plan to travel outside the country, but rather want to spend their vacations moving from city to city; there are bus companies who provide cheap travel services with discounts especially for students. In this case, you’re expected to make your travel plans pretty early so that you would be able to cash in on the discounts before the actual day of travel, because all of these offers always have an expiry period. Two of such bus companies college students could take advantage of  are Megabus and Boltbus. These two companies offer their travel services especially to students at  really low prices during summer. If you book early enough, you could buy your travel tickets for as low as $1. A very inexpensive travel deal, right?Even with their low prices, they still offer fun features on the bus, such as electric outlets – for those who might want to plug and recharge their smart devices while on the go, Wi-Fi for internet purposes.

Three  Inexpensive Travel Alternatives for College Students during Summer

Bus Life, ©Sasha Arsic from Flickr

2.Don’t be so specific about your trip plan

In this case, it is advisable for you not to be so specific with your plans, like planning towards a specific date and all that. You should do so to avoid booking for your travel at peak periods, especially during Spring break, the way every other person does. When you have an idea of the period you want to travel and the place you would like to visit, you can then begin to look for cheaper deals and options which will always be on offer. This way, you’ll get to find a cheaper deal which could even send you to a more delightful destination, you didn’t initially plan for.


3.Find a hostel to live

Every student wants a cheap hotel for accommodation, but in recent times, the reverse has been the case. Most cities rent their hostel rooms at $30 dollars per night. This can really be a put off especially if you are on a tight budget. In order to get cheap hostel offers, you might want to take a look at Hostel.com, a website where students can easily source for cheaper hostel rent options. Moreover, getting a good hostel could also afford you the opportunity to meet other travellers, who share your interest and you could exchange ideas on cheaper means of travelling thereby saving yourself a lot of money.


By planning ahead and spending a little extra time searching for inexpensive travel alternatives for your summer vacation, you will have a wonderful experience but won’t break your budget.

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