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Europe for Snow Ballers and Sunbathers

Europe, the second largest continent of the world, boasts of a diverse topography and climate variations, making it an ideal location for visitors looking for a break from their daily routine. The region comprises of cold highlands, such as Norway and Sweden, to sizzling coastal areas like Greece and Spain. Europe since centuries is categorized into two, the western side and the Eastern Europe.

The continent, boasts of an array of cultures and ethnic mix, each of which has its own ideology, natural physical structure, resources, and climatic conditions that determine the lifestyle and practices of people living there, since ages.

Spain a country with favorable weather conditions, at the edge of the Mediterranean, tops the list of tourist hot spots. It has an extended coastline, and tourists from across the continents arrive in Spain to enjoy the warmth and a number of water sports the place has to offer. The Spanish Tapas have gained fame amongst the adventurist food lovers; the cuisine comes in assorted flavors that of olives and cheese, when it is served cold. You may also request for battered and fried baby squids if you please to savor on warm appetizers. The tourist favorite spot that offers an array of bars and free of cost Tapas are located in the Granada. Bodega Castañedas, in Granada is known for its bars and a variety of bite sized servings. There are plentiful sites to visit in Spain and lots to do, that make it one of the ideal attractions.

Europe for Snow Ballers and Sunbathers

Central part of Cuenca in Spain, © madley

Norway the iced-rocky European beauty, offers classic sceneries and adventure; all those looking forward to experience the aesthetics provided by mountains, glaciers and the nature’s water reservoirs must fly in here. The land proposes adventurist engage in exciting sports which could be, rafting in the Norwegian rivers, walk on the country’s largest glacier called Jostedalsbreen with an authorized guide, trekking and hiking on peaks known as Besseggen and Preikestolen, canoeing and kayaking in the Lofoten Islands, sledging on carts pulled by Alaskan Huskies in the Pasvikdalen Valley, ridding the classic breeds of Norwegian horses, net fishing the traditional way, and much more.

Europe for Snow Ballers and Sunbathers

Sweden is a tourist paradise for those seeking simple and pleasant outdoor activities. Stockholm, the capital city, itself provides several picturesque venues that can be explored on foot. The woodland cemetery and The Museum of National Antiquities are worth a visit; abundant remnants of the Viking era mark the Swedish pride of their warrior heritage. Towns and villages famous for glass blowing and crystal artifacts are enchanting places to see that have earned the country the title of the Crystal Kingdom. The Hanseatic town of Visby is a marvelous medieval city, protected by UNESCO; travelers must go on long walks to enjoy its beauty. It takes a little courage for those wishing to witness the breathtaking sights bestowed by nature in Lapland, words cannot define the impact the landscape has on its viewers. The tour simply calls for video recordings; a camera probably will not capture the never ending scenes that might include a reindeer passing by.

Europe for Snow Ballers and Sunbathers

Glaskogen, Sweden, © Simeon from sxc

Italy, the place boasts of a tropical climate throughout the summer season, the coastal area is warm year round, whereas there may be snowfall in cities like Milan during winters. The land is mostly meant for sun warmth seekers and sun bathers. The country boasts of world famous historic cities, Rome and Venice, offering plentiful ancient sites; and sizzling islands namely, Sicily, Sardinia, Palermo, and Capri.

Europe for Snow Ballers and Sunbathers

Old houses in Poppi, Tuscant, Italy, © rwab from xch

Turkey a famous tourist attraction with suitable topography has turned into a country with cities that have a good infrastructure, fetching them the title of economic hubs. Istanbul and Ankara are two examples of places that serve as business platforms and are bustling with traders, associates, travelers and students from all over the world. It offers many historical sites, hot water springs and a rich culture. The region, on the other hand, is covered with lush green grassy lands and mountains, in areas, say for instance, Abant and Riz; travelers seeking peace and quiet in the naturally rich, serene surroundings may choose to land here.

Europe for Snow Ballers and Sunbathers

European countries are connected and accessible, usually travelers arrive in London and move forward from there to explore the continent, you, really, can choose your own starting point; remember travelling from a very cold region to a hot seashore can get you sick. Plan your journey so that you spend minimum time getting to a place so that you have plenty opportunities to explore. The transport system in all of Europe is good; you can take the tube train from one place to another even from one country to another.


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