Africa and South America The Island of Culebra: A Fantastic Tourist Attraction

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The Island of Culebra: A Fantastic Tourist Attraction

The Island of Culebra: A Fantastic Tourist Attraction

Entrace to one of the most amazing beaches in the world, Culebra, in the middle of the carribean ©zepner

When it comes to a fantastic tourist attraction, the name Culebra is never missed and always pop up. Culebra, an Island located within the Spanish Virgin Islands, is nineteen miles east of Puerto Rico and about eight miles north of Vieques. It is also the smallest of the inhabited islands within the Spanish Virgin Islands. The Island of Culebra is considered as a tight spot island due to its small size, which is about seven miles long and 3 miles wide. With no rivers or streams, the island of Culebra is supplied water from Puerto Rico through the city of Vieques. This unnatural water acquisition makes Culebra one of the finest islands with very clear waters, whose clarity to the eyes goes as far as sixty feet below the water surface. Even during a stormy or an unclear weather day, the waters are still very clear.

In 1898, the Island of Culebra was annexed from Spain and immediately went under political protection by the United States of America, and was equally placed under the province of Puerto Rico. The city is known for its unique wildlife accommodation which was established in 1909 and is referred to as the National Wildlife Refuge of Culebra. In recent times, the National Wildlife refuge has posed a fantastic attraction for the city. Covering a huge area of about four hundred acres of land, the refuge accommodates some of the finest seabirds in the world, who flock the refuge in their large numbers making the sight a pretty one to behold. The refuge also houses the popular endangered Leather Back Turtle and the Culebra giant anole – an extremely rare giant lizard that is definitely worth seeing.

The Island of Culebra: A Fantastic Tourist Attraction

campsite at flamenco beach, culebra, puerto rico, © blucolt

As a fantastic tourist attraction, the island boasts of some of the finest and cleanest beaches in the world. On some of the beaches, one can find really rare creatures who spend the whole day lying around the beach unperturbed by the presence of tourists and people. One of the beaches tourists enjoy visiting on Culebra is the Flamenco Beach. Considered as the second most beautiful beach in the world and protected by the Marine Wildlife Reserve and Department of Natural and Environment Resources, the beach has a huge stretch of fine sand, amazing creatures, and is very accessible to visitors, making it a direct and inevitable stop for tourists. Visitors especially find Flamenco beach most pleasant for snorkelling, swimming, sunbathing and scuba diving.

In general, other beaches in Culebra are also great spots for tourists, but these beaches are only easily reached by a water taxi, a medium that is very fascinating for visitors. On Culebra, tourists and visitors are also encouraged to picture of the rare creatures on the island as long as no harm comes to them. One of the most fantastic attractions on Culebra are its numerous festivities which visitors find extremely pleasant and fun. Other tourist attractions include windsurfing and fishing. Visiting Culebra is easily done by air or sea from San Juan.

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