Africa and South America Caribbean Cruise – A Perfect Cruise Vacation

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Caribbean Cruise – A Perfect Cruise Vacation

Caribbean Cruise – A Perfect Cruise Vacation

Caribbean Sunset © Woody H1

People embark on holiday cruise all the time and one gets to ask the question, “where do they actually go in order to enjoy a perfect cruise vacation”. Well, all over the world, people find time to go on a holiday cruise or a vacation cruise in order to either see the world, get away from their busy schedule and lifestyle, be a honey moon spot for newly married couples, or be there just for the fun of it.

From research, studies and personal experiences, it’s been observed that the Caribbean has always been a favourite choice for most people. The Caribbean  presents quite an attractive and relaxing atmosphere for a great holiday – an amazing ocean vista littering the location, beautiful tropical islands that only send the message of relaxation and nothing else, sunshine like never seen anywhere else. The list is endless. It’s a perfect cruise vacation spot for families and couples who don’t even think twice about going on a cruise to the Caribbean. 

The Caribbean has a whole lot of cruise choices, one of which is the Western Caribbean cruise, one of the most popular Caribbean cruise that families and couples usually go for. On this fantastic cruise, there are quite a number of beautiful stops or better known as ports of call where visitors are treated to remarkable moments. These ports of call are as follows:

Caribbean Cruise – A Perfect Cruise Vacation

Royal Caribbean cruise ship in bermuda © philk0731

The Cancun (a favourite), Cozumel – Located within Mexico
The Nassau and the Princess Cays – Located in the Bahamas
San Juan in Puerto Rico
The Havana in Cuba
Punta Cana in Dominican Republic
The Grand Cayman Islands
Montego Bay – Located in Jamaica

If you are considering the Western Caribbean cruise and you’re living within the United States, there are quite a number of take-off points spreading out across the country for ease of accessibility on the cruise. Major North American Companies with cruise lines like the Carnival cruise line and the Royal Caribbean offer trips all year round to visitors. There is no time of the year they do not go on trips to the Western Caribbean. These two cruise lines are the perfect choices for families and couples looking to go on a cruise based on certain conditions, meaning at any time there will always be a cruise ship and offers readily available. For North American travellers who target certain periods of the year like the Christmas period, spring break, etc, the Princess cruise line, Norwegian cruise line, American travellers, and Holland America cruise line are a great choice. These lines only go on trips on particular periods of the year and still put up great offers for the families and visitors alike.

Apart from the Western Caribbean cruise, you can also take the Barbados cruise which is another common Caribbean cruise. The Barbados cruise also has fascinating stops or ports of call within its cruise program. These exciting locations are as follows: The Dominica, Grenadines, St. Lucia, Trinidad and Tobago and Grenada.

The Caribbean can be a really fun vacation spot especially with the fact all the spots are usually available for visitors all year round. One of the best times for a Caribbean cruise especially for US travellers is during the winter when the alternative would be to find warm locations in order to fully enjoy the holidays. When thinking  about  the best cruise deals and prices for your perfect cruise vacation, an important tip is going for a cruise during the months of May to June and August to September.


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