Author Registration and Articles Submission Guidelines

General Rules for Articles Submission

We welcome you submit your article to us. We don’t charge you for publishing the articles. We allow 1-2 links to be included into your article body. There is a total link limit of one per article for articles between 400-600 words, and two links per article for articles above 600 words. We don’t allow links within the first 30 words because we also set it to use as the article’s excerpt, which will be displayed on the front page. There is also a widget on the front page that links to our 10 most popular articles. Your full article will be displayed on our category page and on its own post page. There is no time limit for displaying the article on the category page.


Why you’d better submit your article on a related website

With the recent Panda rule updates, Google now emphasizes heavily on the relevance of the content in a link. Submitting your article to an article directory is no longer as good as before in terms of increasing page rank and keyword ranking. only focuses on travel products and services. If your website is also about travel, an article and link on our site will give you far more advantage in terms of page rank and keyword rank improvement than a non-related website.

Before submitting an article, we highly recommend that you read the following items.


DIYVacation Author Registration Guidelines

1. Fill out your information to register your account. If you already registered your account on the travel service directory, you don’t need to register a new account.

2. Log in to your account, and then fill out your information in your profile, including the author name, author bio, the website URL and the description. You can upload your photo to be associated with your author name or leave it blank.


DIYVacation Articles Submission Guidelines

I. About the author name

1. Your AUTHOR NAME can either be your real name or alternate author names (such as a pen-name). However, your name must be formatted as “First name” “First name and a Last name,” “First name and Last initial” or “First initial and Last Name.”Your First and Last names in the AUTHOR NAME must begin with a capital letter.

2. You should always use the same author name for all the articles you wrote. You can write as many articles as you want to link to different pages of the same website or your different websites.

II. About the article

1. The articles that you submit must be your own work or you must be the sole copyright holder. Do not submit articles written by other authors, unless you have the exclusive rights for them.

2. By submitting your articles, you grant us the right to publish your articles anywhere on our website or syndicate through RSS. We can also change the place where it appears, including the category, at any time. You also grant us the right to change the article format if it is not consistent with the website’s usual format.

3. Your article must be unique, not have been published anywhere else, can pass a copy space check, and can be indexed by all main search engines. We reserve the right to delete your article if your article can’t be indexed by the main search engines.

4. Your article must be written in English, spell checked and proofread for grammatical errors.

5. Your article must be informative, and either tell your own experience, or present useful strategies, techniques, tips, and thoughtful opinions. We won’t accept any article that is an advertisement or press release.

6. Your article and images must not contain anything that is a violation of any law or infringes on the legal rights of others. In the case of copyrights infringement or any other damage caused by your articles and images, you will take the sole responsibility for the financial damage that occurred to the related third party and to the DIYVacation website.

7. Do not write your article title in all caps. Capitalize only the first letter of every major word in the article title.

8. Do not include your author name or url in your article title. Once your article is approved, it will be added to the site automatically.

9. Your article body must contain at least 400 words. You must select the category and subcategory relevant to the theme of your article before submitting it.

10. Submitting an article in no ways guarantees the publication of the article. We reserve the right to reject an article.

III. About the website that the article can link to

We only accept sites that provide travel related information and sites that provide real and local travel services. No sites that pose as an affiliate site of another travel company or website will be accepted. You can also link to your service page, which you have posted on the travel service directory.

IV. How to submit your article

1. Log in to your account

2. Copy your content in the writing window or directly write your article on the writing window.

3. Load your image if you have any, otherwise leave it untouched. (All images you submit must be owned by you. If we find you used an image you don’t have rights to, your article will be deleted and your username will be banned.)

4. If you have loaded your image, pick up one image from your article’s image directory and set it as featured image. Otherwise, leave it untouched, and we will find a featured image for you.

5. Check all categories that are related to your article

6. Adjust the words on your article, and make it SEO friendly. Add keywords in the keyword area. If you don’t know how to do it, leave it untouched.

7. Hit the submit button and wait for our review and approval.

8. Submit articles that are not related to travel category or have already published elsewhere could make us suspect you are a spammer. If we believe that you are a spammer, we will ignore all of your submissions. Hence, be sure your articles are bide to our guides.

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