Flights Airport Transfer Options in Europe and the North America

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Airport Transfer Options in Europe and North America

When foreigners visit a country, they are saddled with the issue of how to get to their hotels or their place of abode. There are about 14,000 airports in the United States. Among them, 376 airports have regularly scheduled airline services. Each of these 376 airports offers separate transport systems for visitors. Visitors can choose various airport transfer options. The same applies with airports within Europe for tourists.

Airport Transfer Options in Europe and the North America

Nagoya Airport in Japan, ©mdmartianv from SXC

When a tourist arrives in the United States, the next phase of action is to transport himself or herself from the airport to the hotel or any other place the visitor plans to stay. In the US, visitors have the option of taking airport shuttles, airport buses, taxis, or even rails to their destinations. Many international airports or domestic airports in big cities in the United States offer all those transportation systems. As a foreigner travels to the USA for the first time, we suggest you plan ahead and search the internet to get all the necessary information before you leave your country. When you get off the flight and get your checked-in luggage, you should immediately focus on where you should go since the taxi, shuttle, bus, and subway services may not be in the same direction. Unless the hotel you are staying at will pick you up at the airport, you should always have a detailed address and phone number of your hotel on hand. Don’t assume it is a well-known hotel that many local people will know, and keep a copy of the address in a separate and safe place in case you lost the hotel address.

There are various sizes of taxi cabs  in the US airport, ranging from compact car to SUV to large limo. So even if you have lots of luggage, you will still be able to find a taxi to carry all of your belongings to your hotel. The only inconvenience is that you will likely need to wait for a longer amount of  time since the majority of cabs are regular sized cars. You can also take airport super shuttles to save money. Super shuttles are shared by the people who go in the same direction, thus it will cost you much less, but will take a longer time to carry you to the destination. You can find coupons to get a discount for both taxis and airport shuttles. Good hotels and many chain hotels that close to the airport usually also provide shuttle services between its hotel and the airport. Keep all of the contact information in a place that’s within reach, so you can call them as soon as you get off your plane. In the USA and Canada, you are supposed to give the taxi driver 15% of the fee as a tip, and if the supper shuttle or hotel shuttle drivers help you carry your luggage, you should also give him $1 or $2 as a tip. On the other hand, there are usually some subway lines and public buses attached to the airports, and in those cases, the cost of transportation is usually low and attractive, but they operate in multiple transfers and would not be good if the visitor is travelling with children or carrying a lot of luggage.

There are plenty of taxi companies available in the merge airports. For example, in New York City, whether it is JFK airport, LaGuardia airport or Newark, visitors have the option of calling different taxi companies. Also in the event that a visitor prefers an American subway or bus system, there are pretty good public transportation systems that do meet such services in the New York metropolitan area. A good example is the AirTrain Newark, the railway system that runs on a fast rail link and conveniently connects the Newark-Liberty International Airport with Manhattan. The system is comfortable and affordable. It also offers a good transit system to other states like New Jersey, etc. In general, these forms of airport transportation work pretty much the same way in other cities in the United States, so it should not be too hard for one to transport himself or herself to his or her destination from a typical US airport.

In Europe, the scenario is a little bit different due to the fact that the different European cities have different policies when it comes to transportation especially to and from the airport. The only similarity with respect to the airport transfer system rests with the subways since a lot of European countries are linked by fast trains who shuttle through the cities on a daily basis. A typical example is the Bergend Flesland Aiport in Norway. Their airport subway system is pretty much the same with other European cities due to the Schengen Unity, but their other modes of airport transport differs. So for a typical European airport, visitors are afforded the options of choosing various media, such as airport express coaches (most popular and affordable), local buses, mini-bus services, taxis, hotel buses which most star rated hotels provide, rental cars and even boats. These options are made available to the visitor as soon as he or she arrives at the airport. So it should be a task of reading signs if the language of the host country is understood. Otherwise, questions should be asked of the airport authorities.

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